Nia Richards



Nia joined CCE in 2021, leading our work with the North East Creativity Collaborative and
becoming a pivotal part of the team in developing our publication, ‘Creative Thinking in
Schools: A Leadership Playbook.’ She has collaborated with many of our international
partners, including Thailand, Norway, Hungary, Australia, Pakistan, and Ireland.

With 13 years’ experience working in secondary schools and further education, as a
department and subject lead, she reformed courses to enhance learner engagement and

In 2020, she founded a social enterprise called Tybed, aimed at supporting schools to
innovate and develop partnerships with their communities. This initiative coincided with
her contribution to UNESCO’s Futures of Education report and the launch of an education
practitioner network with Dr Penny Hay from Bath Spa University.

Nia holds an M.A in Practitioner Research. Her research on dialogic feedback ignited her
passion for democratic education and action research, and she is dedicated to helping
teachers bridge the gap between theory and practice. She is a member of the
International Professional Development Association and a Fellow of the Royal Society of