Mildred Reed

Lead & Strategist, Global Education and Workforce Development


Worked across a diverse set of organizations – Government and Non -Governmental
organizations, multilateral funding agencies and corporates on primarily improving the
quality of education in both K-12 and Higher Education.

Deeply passionate about education and training for teachers and young learners with a
focus to motivate and transform tomorrow’s leaders towards a more sustainable and
healthy future.

Joined IBM’s Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs Group to lead successful
implementation of some of the global Corporate Citizenship programs in India, adapting
programs to country and regional internal and external priorities, and identifying
opportunities for collaborative leveraging.

At the last job at National Entrepreneurship Network, as a Senior Education Manager, she
was responsible for leading the entrepreneurship education programs, developing
capacity development frameworks for institutions, faculty, mentors and enablers. Here,
she closely worked with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to
catalyze a culture shift to promote entrepreneurship development in the country.

Was an entrepreneur for a brief stint consulting on CSR and its alignment with business
goals to develop core strategies and implementation plans. She also started an after
school activity centre for children.