Shi Zhongying

Executive Dean
Professor of education in the Institute of Education
Tsinghua University


Shi Zhongying, a native of Anhui Province, is a professor and doctoral supervisor, director of the Institute of Education at Tsinghua University. His main research fields are basic
theory of education and philosophy of education, basic education, education reform, and
philosophy of higher education. He has undertaken a number of provincial and ministerial
research projects in the fields of research on the nature of the discipline of education,
epistemology of education, value theory and value education in education, and education
reform, etc. He has published monographs such as Cultural Character of Pedagogy,
Knowledge Transformation and Education Reform, and Philosophy of Education, and has
published more than 150 academic papers. He actively participates in educational training
and consulting work, and provides professional advice to Beijing, the Ministry of
Education and the State for the formulation and evaluation of relevant educational