Szilvia Németh

Managing Director and Desearcher T-Tudok Centre


Silvia Németh is a managing director and researcher of T-Tudok Inc., graduated as a
sociologist and educator in 2000. In 2002 she received an MPhil Degree in Educational
Research at the University of Cambridge, UK. She has been working as an education
specialist and researcher in the field of equity and access to quality education since 2003.
From 2003 until 2008 as a researcher of the National Institute of Public Education she was
responsible for designing and leading educational research and development projects
focusing on Roma and socially disadvantaged. Between 2007 and 2009 she was working
as an education expert in the Cluster on Access and Social Inclusion in Lifelong Learning at
the European Commission, DG Education and Culture. Since 2008 she has been working at
T-Tudok Centre for Knowledge Management and Educational Research, since 2012 as its
managing director.